Monday, January 31, 2011


VICTORS OR VICTIMS? is my effort to ask the public a question of how the last decade has affected us. It's like a debate. It's an attempt to provoke thoughts and probe how the collective events and happenstances of the last decade has helped shaped people's identity and for us to figure out where we are headed as a people. I chose to represent this in different emotions focusing on the face because the face is most ideal when we think about representing one's identity.

The whole idea of its presentation is to have as many feel-good and painful facial expressions as possible packed in a grouped form so as to grip the viewers attention. In producing these works, I've chosen majorly to do them in watercolour because of it's spontenous nature. I fairly have an idea or a strong feeling I want to interpret but visualising it is an adventure...more like an unknown destination which adds to the whole essence.

The dripping technique came up in my bid to control the whole production process.
I so much like it because there's a strong emotion it evokes when one looks at each piece. It's a mix of freedom, joy, life, vitality as well as empathy, tears and so on.
Being facinated about this, I took a step further to experiment with gouache as well as charcoal and the result was like "Booom'!!!

On the other side, the hunger to develop my watercolour skills which I left for quite a long time and to study more of the human facial forms are part of what triggered the series.

Let's all enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello my beautiful people,
Happy 2010!!!!
It feels so cool to have you look through once again...(and again).

This is my collection of some late 2009... 2009 Christmas holiday/2010 new year stunts. It was indeed a great way of catching my own fun during the holiday. It actually started after getting an invitation to participate in a group watercolour show at French Cultural Centre (Alliance Francais) sometime in November, 2009 by Chika Idu. I felt like "yeeeeaaaahhh!!!!" because it's been ages I lifted my sables. I dusted my drawing board, stretched my paper and had to rediscover some lost old "WET" fun. First series was the "Heart, Body and Soul" series and I winked at myself because of the result I saw on my papers. The feeling unlocked a part of me to play on.

Please relax and scroll to view this collection.
Let them drip down to the depth of your heart.
Let them make you "mmmmmmmmh....."
They are from me to you.

Let's go!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


You are welcome once again to my blog... or rather, to my mind as usual.
This post is for my 1st solo art exhibition of ballpoint pen drawings at Goethe-Institut Lagos titled "AGAINST ALL ODDS". Runs from 10th october - 23rd October, 2009.

Strolling down the path of life, I realise the essence and need for a better tommorrow. I pause and then I figure out the way to this is to follow the route named 'optimism'. Bearing this in mind, I flip a page to pen down some warm feelings against all odds.

AGAINST ALL ODDS is a PENStakingly written epistle from me to the public advocating for hope. I see hope as the livewire of everyone out there that nourishes his/her drive to proceed against all odds in life. Hope is that "e go beta" (it will be better) belief that resides in our heart. The flip side of this show is an attempt to encourage a paradigm shift. It is to alter stereotypical mindsets , INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and CHALLENGE the viewers to search within and unlock those hidden gifts for benefit of mankind. It also acts as a pulling force to draw people close to the art pieces for them to dialouge with the works and ignite some real good positive sparks.

This show celebrates my 10 years of extensively experimenting with ballpoint pen as an art medium which plays a vital role in this visual treat - showcasing the unsung part of a mere writing tool that brings out the genius in one's self.

You are most welcome to listen to my heartbeat. Flip through the pages of my mental diary and read my warmest feelings which I have PENStakingly penned down against all odds using my 'alternative handwriting'.

Please feel free to drop your comments at the 'comments' section at the base of this post.

Thank you and Happy viewing!

Title: The Quest (Food for thought)
Medium: Ballpoint pen, bottled water, tray, ceramic plate, hymn book and cutlery
Year: 2009
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

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Title: Solace or Sorrow
Medium: Ballpoint pen, cigarrete, matchsticks and plastic bowl
Year: 2009
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

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