Thursday, October 15, 2009


You are welcome once again to my blog... or rather, to my mind as usual.
This post is for my 1st solo art exhibition of ballpoint pen drawings at Goethe-Institut Lagos titled "AGAINST ALL ODDS". Runs from 10th october - 23rd October, 2009.

Strolling down the path of life, I realise the essence and need for a better tommorrow. I pause and then I figure out the way to this is to follow the route named 'optimism'. Bearing this in mind, I flip a page to pen down some warm feelings against all odds.

AGAINST ALL ODDS is a PENStakingly written epistle from me to the public advocating for hope. I see hope as the livewire of everyone out there that nourishes his/her drive to proceed against all odds in life. Hope is that "e go beta" (it will be better) belief that resides in our heart. The flip side of this show is an attempt to encourage a paradigm shift. It is to alter stereotypical mindsets , INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and CHALLENGE the viewers to search within and unlock those hidden gifts for benefit of mankind. It also acts as a pulling force to draw people close to the art pieces for them to dialouge with the works and ignite some real good positive sparks.

This show celebrates my 10 years of extensively experimenting with ballpoint pen as an art medium which plays a vital role in this visual treat - showcasing the unsung part of a mere writing tool that brings out the genius in one's self.

You are most welcome to listen to my heartbeat. Flip through the pages of my mental diary and read my warmest feelings which I have PENStakingly penned down against all odds using my 'alternative handwriting'.

Please feel free to drop your comments at the 'comments' section at the base of this post.

Thank you and Happy viewing!

Title: The Quest (Food for thought)
Medium: Ballpoint pen, bottled water, tray, ceramic plate, hymn book and cutlery
Year: 2009
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

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Title: Solace or Sorrow
Medium: Ballpoint pen, cigarrete, matchsticks and plastic bowl
Year: 2009
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

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Friday, June 26, 2009


My people, once again you are welcome. It always feels good to have you in here. I'm pleased to share with you another series I have strongly been wanting to share but the pieces have been kept or saved here and there so I had to make out time to put them together.

They are my visual representation of different people. They are my interpretation of their personalities and characters. They are my effort trying to document them in my own way. They are the outcome of the dialogue between me and different subjects before me at different times, places and moods. They are my little bits of immortalizing human beings. They are one of the things I've always loved doing. They are mere PORTRAITS!!!

In here you'll find different expressions in different media ranging from oil on canvas, acrylics on canvas, watercolour on paper, pencil on paper...even ballpoint pen on paper. Some of the models are people I know, some are unknown (commissioned works). They range from self to my sister to my nephew to friends to... you know. Just imagine you pose, I sketch/paint and together we make a classic and gain some gain some fulfilment looking at the result.

Watch then while they watch you. Wink at them while they do so too. Smile at them while they reciprocate. Become their friends if you have to. Without saying much, please join me as we both cruise down and look through these beings.

Here we go, let's do dis!

Model: Isioma Odukwe
Ball point pen on paper
Year: 2003

Monday, March 30, 2009

SELENSE - 4 female sake

Hello y'all.
You're warmly welcomed to my mind as I serve you with something fresh 'n' different with style.
This is my attempt in conjunction with ZION MMV label to celebrate today's contemporary "fly" babe/chic/honey/boo and lady who's got some........ (guess you know what I mean). This is style. This is cozy. This is swag'. This is hip. This is design. This is fantastic. This complements they way she flaunts and rolls those eyes. This is -"WOW"! This is "SELENSE"- a word i grew up to know as a slang for "show-off". This is a series of "fun" sketches I've made in my quest to show the FASHION ILLUSTRATOR bit of me.

These works were made in my bid to express my love for casual cloth designs, haute couture and how they clad her perfect structure. They were made with the burning desire to change the looks of the images we see in our style mags, to appeal to a wider audience that loves something cool, chic 'n' sleek.
This will soon be a sexy collection of sweet, chic and I-must-get-this T-shirts as I collaborate with ZION MMV (the coolest brand to come out of 9ja) to hit out some cool T-shirts for that lady who knows.

My interest in figure drawings has made me see the possibilities of creating images that will NOT only appeal to our eyes but further help to open our minds to see beyond whatever object/subject that is before us. The curves, contours, elegance, different poses, shape/form and dynamic body movements of the female figure grant some juicy inspiration to create some images that ooze of style... images that celebrate God's perfect sculpted pieces.

It's been a healthy and fun-filled exercise ever since I started playing with this (can't even remember when exactly).
It gives me room to experiment with different mediums and styles ranging from the manual to digital. It also helps me develop my sketching pace and sense of composition. The use of lines basically plays a major role in doing this and colour combinations complement the lines to make it visually appealing.

There's no limit to how this could be pushed.

While you're seated relaxed, please ensure you have the coolest visual dialogue.
I'll most appreciate your comments on this series.

* Please note that all image rights belong to Ananaba Ibeabuchi.
Interested person(s) should please mail me on

Enjoy the view!!!