Monday, January 31, 2011


VICTORS OR VICTIMS? is my effort to ask the public a question of how the last decade has affected us. It's like a debate. It's an attempt to provoke thoughts and probe how the collective events and happenstances of the last decade has helped shaped people's identity and for us to figure out where we are headed as a people. I chose to represent this in different emotions focusing on the face because the face is most ideal when we think about representing one's identity.

The whole idea of its presentation is to have as many feel-good and painful facial expressions as possible packed in a grouped form so as to grip the viewers attention. In producing these works, I've chosen majorly to do them in watercolour because of it's spontenous nature. I fairly have an idea or a strong feeling I want to interpret but visualising it is an adventure...more like an unknown destination which adds to the whole essence.

The dripping technique came up in my bid to control the whole production process.
I so much like it because there's a strong emotion it evokes when one looks at each piece. It's a mix of freedom, joy, life, vitality as well as empathy, tears and so on.
Being facinated about this, I took a step further to experiment with gouache as well as charcoal and the result was like "Booom'!!!

On the other side, the hunger to develop my watercolour skills which I left for quite a long time and to study more of the human facial forms are part of what triggered the series.

Let's all enjoy!