Friday, June 26, 2009


My people, once again you are welcome. It always feels good to have you in here. I'm pleased to share with you another series I have strongly been wanting to share but the pieces have been kept or saved here and there so I had to make out time to put them together.

They are my visual representation of different people. They are my interpretation of their personalities and characters. They are my effort trying to document them in my own way. They are the outcome of the dialogue between me and different subjects before me at different times, places and moods. They are my little bits of immortalizing human beings. They are one of the things I've always loved doing. They are mere PORTRAITS!!!

In here you'll find different expressions in different media ranging from oil on canvas, acrylics on canvas, watercolour on paper, pencil on paper...even ballpoint pen on paper. Some of the models are people I know, some are unknown (commissioned works). They range from self to my sister to my nephew to friends to... you know. Just imagine you pose, I sketch/paint and together we make a classic and gain some gain some fulfilment looking at the result.

Watch then while they watch you. Wink at them while they do so too. Smile at them while they reciprocate. Become their friends if you have to. Without saying much, please join me as we both cruise down and look through these beings.

Here we go, let's do dis!

Model: Isioma Odukwe
Ball point pen on paper
Year: 2003