Friday, January 23, 2009

Against Child Kidnap came ED'STRAVAGANZA!!!

Hello...Happy New Year!
You are welcome to ED’STRAVAGANZA…(No more victims).
This is an art exhibition organized by ChildGuard America advocating for stranger awareness.
It was staged to show effects of child kidnap and to provoke the viewers' thought as to what could be done to curb it.

According to U.S Department of Justice, there are more than a million kids reported missing in the United States each year. This is an alarming number! Distured by this fact, ChildGuard America, LLC (– an organisation that promotes the safety of children through education and the importance of teaching kids about stranger awareness) hopes with continue support of communities, parents and teachers, she will help in reducing this number by educating kids and parents.

Now, there's
a great tool ChildGuard America uses in teaching a child about stranger danger-a catchy character called Ed The Elephant. Ed appears in stranger safety themed coloring books from Dalmatian Press. He has become somewhat of an icon in many homes. Ed The Elephant stands for one thing and one thing alone, and that is keeping children safe!

As an effort to address the issue of the above mentioned monster, ChildGuard America staged her 1st Annual art show – ED’STRAVAGANZA…(No more victims) at ICE HOUSE, Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.A in September 29th, 2007 which I happened to be the featured artist.

Please share with me my thought process below while the exhibits follow.

ED'STRAVAGANZA- My thought process

In my mind's terrain, I embark on a journey
I pass through an interesting colourful route
I begin to realize why the experience is unforgettable
Lots of sweet memories packed with adventure
Times when I was little and tender
with the freest and unadulterated mindset
Conscience so pure, sparkling so bright and "blinging"
Breathing pretty well in a hassle-free world
where peace of mind was the order of the day
With attention hovering all around me
Though I came across what I saw as stumbling blocks
On a second look they became my perfect stepping stones
Having been guided and protected by my shield
With some unfriendly rules from a soldier
none other than God's precious gift I call ‘Nana’ (my mom)
Who was playing out her perfect role- child protection
Unfriendly rules finally turned to my mould
With which I cast my moral structure
What I saw as hostility turned out for my good
All for this mysterious thing we call LOVE
So that I develop on the right platform

I pause, now I'm lost in wondering
What if my shield wasn't available
What if I rocked to the luring tunes of strangers' songs
"what ifs" are endless here, believe me!
I stand and thank God these never happened to me though
But as I continue in my interesting journey
I think about the victims of this ugliness
Leaders of tomorrow (that might never come)
Those whom "Trauma" as a word replaces their middle names
Subjected to the hands of killjoys
I still wonder what it feels like being there
or could it be the victims' destiny?...
They are meant to ooze of joy
But one' gift turns out to be a curse
Still on the journey as time goes by
I hear my quest echoing beyond walls of my heart
Across continents to that of a concerned character called "ED"

I freeze a variety of feelings with my brushes as I wonder
Do with charcoal and others I 'jot' in ink
As an attempt to tackle this pain called "kidnapping"
And its agents - so called "strangers"

I welcome you to partake in this opulent show
Advocating for victors and "no more victims"
Let's dance to the beautiful tune of this stanza
Like a choir, let's sing this joyful song titled ED'STRAVAGANZA!

To know more about ChildGuard America, visit and

I've categorized the exhibits according to various medium.

Please enjoy the Ballpoint pen series of EDstravaganza and my thoughts
and feelings below each piece and also the paintings that follow.


Medium: Ink
Size: 22x30 inches.
Year: 2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Pure heart knows no harm
No wonder it's bound to prosper

Pure heart is gentle and meek
There lies its power and strength

Pure heart is full of freedom
Despite all plans against it

Pure heart remains loyal and humble
So comfy, God's grace protects it
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Ink on paper
Size:22 x 30 inches
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Conquer the enemy and taste the joy of freedom
No feeling of anguish, despair or boredom
Experience an ecstatic journey riding down my mind's kingdom
Discover the cure to this kidnapping syndrome
Delete all traces of abduction and its symptoms
I'm loving this mood from left, right, top to bottom.
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Title: ALL @ ONCE.
Medium: Ink.
Size: 22x30 inches.
Year: 2004-2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Images showing, eyes watching
Sounds popping, ears listening
Scene interesting, story engaging
Kids laughing, siblings and friends bonding
Moods swinging, tension rising
Heartbeat thumping, someone wondering
The clock is ticking, haters are plotting
Some plans failing, above all, His grace still guiding.
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Title: WHERE IS HERE?...
Medium: Ink.
Size: 22x30 inches.
Year: 2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

A place where peace of mind scores zero
From second to a minute, torture stands tall as the hero
Happiness becomes more extinct than a dinosaur
Caged in darkness, tunnels blocked, no inspiration to draw
Confidence lost, can't even find it as I google
Choked in depression, to breath remains a struggle
What is the gain... about the only question left in my brain
"WHERE IS HERE", I wonder as I 'jot' my pain with my pen
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Title: YOU & I.
Medium: Ink.
Size: 18x28 inches.
Year: 2005
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

You and I, what a lovely joint
Collaborating on this course, hitting our message on point

You and I mixing ideas from our minds' palette
Results popping, making our hearts warmer than scarlet

You and I, a blend of harmony and melody
A perfect picture, I'm proud of who you are - my buddy
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Ink.
Size: 22x22 inches.
Year: 2004
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Different times, different views
Different moods, different feelings
Different thoughts, different points

I make a picture, visualising the mental tackles
and chaos that go in a kidnapped victim's mind
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Ink.
Size: 17x17 inches.
Year: 2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

All hell's broken loose, my emotion abused
Can't even muse, picture yourself in these very shoes
When you're stuck with ill scenarios beyond your control
Your mind is jailed up, wishing to be granted a parole
Don't flinch! grace is gradually approaching in inch
Suddenly the pain now feels like a pinch
From gloom to bloom, zoom in and see that you are gifted
Fantastic JOURNEY, feel like a LEGEND and GET LIFTED
Stranded in darkness, success stories often start in a mess
It's SUNSHINE, with all pleasure I tell you God bless!
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Ink.
Size: 18x18 inches.
Year: 2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Sitting alone, the location unknown
Lost in this zone, in despair he's helpless from hair to the bone
No love shown, the captor's heart is real soft as a stone
Left with imaginations of mom's company and a wish of his clone
Would you rather sing this solo in a comfortable tone?
Search your heart; I even hear the loud sound that you moan
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Ink.
Size: 22x30 inches.
Year: 2004-2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Back in the days we played house so emotional
Acting out roles with big dreams so aspirational
Joy always in the air, the atmosphere motivational
Pulling some stunts around, the results... so sensational
Ride with me on a broken wooden box made functional
Am seated @ the back with my thoughts so irrational
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

The works you see below gave me the priviledge
to play around. I actually caught real fun addressing
real issues on canvas. I also feel the nostalgia each time
I look at the the first two pieces you see underneath.
I always feel depriving a child this experience is like
"ghaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!" (you know that feel?)

Sit back, relax and still ENJOY!

Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 42x42 inches
Year: 2006
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

In their bid to accomplish a mission, nature calls 1st
Attention stolen, they're engaged in some sort of contest
Switching off from where they're headed becomes a tough one
I laugh because I did same; their world is full of fun
Copyright: Ananaba ibeabuchi

Medium: Ink
Size: 22x30 inches
Year: 2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Jump in let's ride down this sweet and blissful lane
I'm fueling up my joy tank on the move, no strain
On a smooth road tarred with piles of euphoria
Unlike the other side, you're being driven by hysteria
A perfect definition of a 1st class journey
No trace of any bump, this side is always sunny
The impact so bold, let this feeling be told
Not keeping cold, watch my story unfold
A trial for a sec, i swear forever you'll travel
Cruise at the back seat of my jeep and marvel
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Acrylics on canvas.
Size: 42x42 inches
Year: 2006
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Write up:
As a lost seed is finally found
Without a magnifying glass
I see joy sprinkling out from your heart
I hear and dance to the sound of happiness
I smell vitality here
Damn! Taste of cheerfulness, I'm salivating
I feel the warmth to its BOILING POINT
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 42x42 inches
Year: 2006
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Being pulled together by what they crave for
They feel elated, glued to what they've been there for
Missing the show is something worth crying for
Watch them while they watch what they left everything for
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 34 x 45 inches
Year: 2006
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

This height of emotional breakdown
Leaves her helpless, typical of one meant to drown
Vulnerable to whatever thing that comes to raid
Her tall and bright coloured dreams fade
A delicious meal for the beast to prey on
Eagerly wishing for a shoulder to lean on
In her quietness lies a mental warfare
I challenge you to lend a hand if you claim to care.

Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 48x36 inches
Year: 2007
Copyright: Ananaba Ibeabuchi

(These piece was inspired by a song Titled "WHO'S THERE".
A sweet delivery by a rapper called GURU featuring Les Nubians.
One of the songs in his album- JAZZMATAZZ *Streetsoul (Vol.3)

The hook goes thus:

Who's there for my people on the streets?
(Who's there... who's there?)

Who's there for my people who got nothing to eat?
(Who's there... who's there?)

They build more prisons and close down schools
Who's there to teach the children the golden rules?
(Who's there... who's there?)

Who's there for my people on the streets?
(Who's there... who's there?)

Who's there for my people who got nothing to eat?
(Who's there... who's there?)

They break our family, neglect the elderly
Who's there to bring a cure? Where's the remedy?
(Who's there... who's there?)

* (The more I listen to the music, the more I feel for the VICTIMS)