Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello my beautiful people,
Happy 2010!!!!
It feels so cool to have you look through once again...(and again).

This is my collection of some late 2009... 2009 Christmas holiday/2010 new year stunts. It was indeed a great way of catching my own fun during the holiday. It actually started after getting an invitation to participate in a group watercolour show at French Cultural Centre (Alliance Francais) sometime in November, 2009 by Chika Idu. I felt like "yeeeeaaaahhh!!!!" because it's been ages I lifted my sables. I dusted my drawing board, stretched my paper and had to rediscover some lost old "WET" fun. First series was the "Heart, Body and Soul" series and I winked at myself because of the result I saw on my papers. The feeling unlocked a part of me to play on.

Please relax and scroll to view this collection.
Let them drip down to the depth of your heart.
Let them make you "mmmmmmmmh....."
They are from me to you.

Let's go!!!!